Christmas Day Brings No RISK, Little Gamble and All Family

Epilogue to “Risk is Always a Gamble”


Christmas morning arrived, with the excitement of Santa’s visit as well as the anticipation of gifts from loved ones placed under the tree the night before.  One by one, each person arose from his/her respective bed.


There was a mad dash with a scurry of feet as they descended the stairs, toward the living room.


Moms stopped the horde with a reminder that breakfast would come first. 


After groans of protest from the youngest of the Lynch clan, they soon assembled in the dining area, passing around the table the breakfast casseroles that were prepared the night before.


For the benefit of the youngest, Mart reported that he had heard a noise when he got up in the middle of the night for a quick snack.  In a stage whisper, he told the children that he swears it may have been Santa. 


Before they converged to the living room, activity outside drew their attention.  Holding to similar high standards of the Missouri highway and road department, the electric companies were also serving their customers well. 


Most all rights of way are kept clear due to their policy of cutting back trees and shrubs from the utility lines.  Their job, in this case, was to attend to isolated problem areas, like Uncle Andrew’s lodge complex. 


Parked in the yard, near the pole with the troublesome transformer, a worker was in a lift and prepared to take care of the problem.  Within minutes, the electricity was restored.


Seconds later, the transfer switch in the generator shack shifted power from the generator to the power line grid.


A cheer came from the Bob-White and extended families as they watched from the grand porch.


The presents were opened; “oooooohs” and “awwwwes” rose and fell as each item was revealed from its wrapping.  Rounds of thanks and appreciation, coupled with hugs, kisses and fond looks, capped off the gift exchange.


It was not a gamble to say that Christmas in the Ozarks turned out to be a special time for all.





I offer thanks to Lisa Morris for her encouragement and awesome editing.

I felt that I ended the last part with a thing or two left unresolved.


This is very short.  I have another on the backburner.  There is no telling how soon that will ever take off.


Thanks for reading.


God’s blessings to all



March 2014